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Sources close to Dan's family tell us doctors discovered the cancer after he had surgery for back pain. Although not educated as a naturalist in a college or university, Adams learned the habits and facts of grizzly life first-hand through his observations while hunting and trapping them., retrieved June 21, 2011. [40] Due to notices T. H. Hittell printed in the San Francisco daily Evening Bulletin, Adams' show drew many more patrons. Get TMZ breaking news sent right to your browser! Adams had made pets of several grizzlies, and often wrestled with them while training them and in exhibitions. [18] John was an expert hunter and his New England training in shoemaking and leather craft gave him the necessary skills to fashion buckskin clothing and moccasins (the clothing he adopted as normal attire for the remainder of his life). — Ben the Kodiak bear, which appeared in the television series “Grizzly Adams” in the 1970s, died of heart disease at the Folsom Children’s Zoo… He never hesitated to resort to hand-to-paw or knife-to-claw combat when necessary, and he captured more grizzlies alive in those few years than any other man has. He had a touch of gold fever and a yearning for adventure. John's younger brother, James Capen Adams, (the alias used by "Grizzly" Adams), married and fathered seven children. This collection became the Pacific Museum in San Francisco, where he and his animals entertained and educated people from far and wide. His great-great-great-great-grandfather, Henry Adams (1583–1646), emigrated with his family from England to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1632, and thus established the famous Adams family in America. This person most likely was in some way connected to the circus/menagerie business. Several menageries were active in the New England area at this time, probably the largest was the June, Titus Company's National Menagerie aka, Grand National Menagerie. [52][53] Boston, Massachusetts was the venue for many such menageries while Adams was living there, so he had the opportunity to meet and interact with the proprietors and performers. [43][44] On January 7, 1860, Adams and his menagerie departed from San Francisco on the clipper ship Golden Fleece on their way to New York City via Cape Horn, a ​3 1⁄2-month voyage. John hunted and captured live wild animals in the wildest parts of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, where he honed his woodsman, survival, and marksmanship skills. Adams health was failing, and he sold the remaining interest in the menagerie to Barnum. [79] His exhibitions also inspired others to campaign for the establishment of zoos, partially resultant of which were the establishment of Woodward's Gardens and, later, the famous Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco. He also guest starred on several TV shows like "CHiPs" and "Charlie's Angels."., retrieved June 21, 2011. However, he was able to save most of his menagerie, which he relocated temporarily to another building. These shows, a precursor to his circus career, were conducted in San Miguel, Santa Clara, San Jose, the redwoods and finally San Francisco. In his few years of hunting, John "Grizzly" Adams accomplished astonishing feats. ', She Gets Houses, He Gets Big Chunk of 'Grey's' Money. Curiously, when Grizzly Adams toured in Connecticut with the circus during the summer of 1860, his brother (the real) James Capen Adams and his family were living in Norfolk, Connecticut, at the time.[74]. [17], Adams tried his luck at mining, hunting game to sell to the miners, trading, and finally, ranching and farming. Ben saved John's life a year later in 1855, when a mother grizzly attacked Adams. [41] In January, 1858, tragedy struck when noble Ben, John's favorite grizzly, died of an illness for which no remedy could be found. Adams was a famed United States outdoorsman, animal collector/trainer and an owner/performer in his own menagerie and later a partner of P. T. Barnum's shows. In 1855 Adams suffered head and neck trauma during a grizzly attack in the Sierra of California. Dan Haggerty, who played mountain man Grizzly Adams in a hit movie followed by a TV show in the 1970s, has died. [29] The head injury John received in the attack led to his demise five years later. He did, however, genuinely love the outdoors, wildlife and unspoiled nature; he hated waste. [85] The information that Adams narrated to Hittell was published in the book The Adventures of James Capen Adams. [12] At age twenty-one, he left that occupation, seeking to satisfy his true love - the outdoors and nature. Bunny Ranch owner and friend of Haggertys Dennis Hof tells TMZ, "Grizzly Adams was my friend for 20 years, the Bunnys loved him, he loved to drink with the Bunnys and told amazing jokes.". Adams christened her cub General Fremont, in honor of John C. Where to vote. [48] Also, during this time, the artist Charles C. Nahl took an interest in Adams' grizzlies and, working with Hittell, prepared illustrations (one of which is at the head of this article) that would be used in Hittell's forthcoming book. Adams then went on a summer tour of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire as part of Nixon & Company's Circus. Charles Albert, Edited and revised by Tuttle, Jessie Hale. [86][87] His lore has been indispensable to naturalists including Storer[88] and Wright,[89] as well as to historians.[90]. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. John didn't stay in California all the time. [15], In 1849 with the California Gold Rush in progress, John invested his life savings of over $6,000 to buy a large supply of footwear, and had it shipped to St. Louis, Missouri. "[76] Modern hunters with high-powered precision weapons rarely get up close and personal with their game the way Adams did. Charles C. Nahl, using Adams' grizzlies as models, made drawings, etchings and paintings of grizzly bears in various scenes. During Grizzly Adams' exhibition of his grizzly bears and other trained animals in San Francisco, he was working with Hittell from July, 1857 until December 1859. 62-63, United States Federal Census, 1860: Place: Norfolk, Litchfield, Connecticut; page: 30, Family 249, lines 25-31, Hutchings' Illustrated California Magazine, Grizzly Adams and the Legend of Dark Mountain, "American Circus Anthology, Part Two : General History, A History of the Traveling Menagerie", "American Circus Anthology, Part Two : General History", "Shepard and Adams Circus or Adams' California Menagerie",, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, reinjured head wound from an earlier grizzly bear attack, cobbler, zoological collector, merchant, miner, rancher, farmer, frontiersman, fur trader, hunter, trapper, animal trainer, circus performer.

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