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Because plants help maintain a certain level of humidity, this die-off could lead to worsening drought conditions in the future. But, tip the glass far enough, and the milk will suddenly pour out onto the table. This exposes more water, and allows the oceans to absorb and retain more heat. �c�c�r*��#&�O>1�IZ:�BntY'?r�X��T�t+��]�������ć����3VbNXn�ڔ�’���+E*� ����-nov�����I�8K\��.zt>�b�iW�C���2�|�k�9>��zÊ��V��-~�G+����HG����ӉMs��J��8�{Չ�''ej�&�t��4|��;4�+��W�Zt� �Dt^(l��*_E(q�r(1cp�{Jvg����C�J���!N���N���R��H�L�I����C2�Z5�� lI�]?�(2�ݕ�vS��(.

That additional methane then helps drive temperatures even higher. 4 0 obj This is a multi-faceted activity that offers students a variety of opportunities to learn about permafrost and the role of methane in thawing permafrost. Investigating Climate Change at a Macroscopic and Microscopic Level, Arctic Tundra May Contribute to Warmer World, Arctic Climate Curriculum, Activity 3: Exploring Arctic Climate Data, Modeling Early Earth Climate with GEEBITT, 2 b Ocean as climate control, oceanic conveyor belt; abrupt changes in thermohaline circulation (2), 2 d Biogeochemical cycles of greenhouse gases / Carbon cycle (7), 2 e Role of aerosols in climate system (2), Life affects climate; climate affects life (7). However, because temperatures are rising, Arctic sea ice is melting more rapidly in the summer months. This means that ice is better able to reflect heat back into the atmosphere than bare land or water. In this video, students learn that scientific evidence strongly suggests that different regions on Earth do not respond equally to increased temperatures. This moment of suddenly changing from one state (milk in glass, dry table) to another state (milk on table) is called a tipping point. Tipping points are generally preceded by gradual and low-impact changes (the milk sloshing around, but staying in the glass), occur quickly (the milk spilled rapidly onto the table) and cannot be undone (there is no way to put the milk back into the glass). Almost every scientist studying the effects of climate change is worried about the extent to which feedback loops will hasten global warming. Land trusts are working in various ways to adapt to climate change. Understanding the rate of carbon released as permafrost thaws is necessary to understand how this positive feedback mechanism is contributing to climate change that may further increase global surface temperatures. This activity uses two interactive simulations to illustrate climate change, 1) at the micro/molecular level - modeling the impact of increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere on surface temperature and 2) at the macro level - modeling changes in glacier thickness and flow as a result of rising surface temperature. The complete disappearance of Arctic sea ice during the summer months could dramatically change ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Tip the glass a little further, and still not much happens — the milk just sloshes in the glass. A longer dry season, precipitated by a temperature increase of just 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit, could cause a rapid die-off of the Amazon rainforest. stream As temperatures rise, sub-Arctic and Arctic permafrost begins to melt. This lesson addresses climate feedback loops and how these loops help drive and regulate Earth's unique climate system. Typically, we divide feedback loops into two main types: positive feedback loops, in which a change in a given direction causes additional change in the same direction.For example, an increase in the concentration of a substance causes feedback that produces continued increases in concentration. Learn more. Tip the glass a little, and not much happens. Key point: glacier size is being reduced not just by glacial melting but due to a shift in glacial dynamics brought on by climate change. Clouds. %PDF-1.5 endobj %���� Students also acquire first-hand experience with a limitation in modeling, specifically, parameterization of critical processes. endobj Arctic Climate Curriculum, Activity 1: Exploring the Arctic This lesson sequence guides students to learn about the geography and the unique characteristics of the Arctic, including vegetation, and people who live there.

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