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Over half the U.S. top product searches fall under electronics, with the home category in second place. When it comes to top-ranking keywords, the electronics category appears to be the most important to Americans. The making of computers, their parts, and software production also play a key role, in addition to other products and services. Please try again later. Today’s chart uses data from Ahrefs to showcase Amazon’s top 100 U.S. product searches. The world's richest countries by GNI include Qatar, Singapore, and Luxembourg, while the top countries by GDP are the US and China. However, it’s an even larger portion for the global ranking—70 keyword searches on the global list are for electronics. That will rival powerhouses like Germany and the United Kingdom, each with private wealth near the $11 trillion mark. When non-essential businesses were shut down during the pandemic and travelling came to a halt, this country suffered badly, but could make a comeback. Finally, it should be noted that the United Kingdom’s decrease above is mainly due to the depreciation of the GBP, which dropped in dollar terms from roughly $2.00 to $1.35 over the decade in question. This is a list of countries of the world by wealth per adult, published annually in Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Databook a company based in Zürich, Switzerland. How rich a country is can have a large impact on the wellbeing of those who live there. This visualization provides an overview of the different parts that make up Amazon, showing each business unit’s net sales from June 2019 to 2020. Find the list of the top 100 richest countries in the world and their respective GDPs below. For the most accurate measurement, economists use GDP based on Purchasing Power Parity, the so-called GDP (PPP) per capita. Nintendo Switch is the most searched product keyword, with approximately one million monthly searches. However, the specific electronics they’re searching for (such as iPhones and Nintendo Switches), helps to provide some context around the products people are interested in, as well as the particular brands that are currently on everyone’s radar. In 2020, Prime Day is projected to generate almost $10 billion in global revenue. Canada is ethnically diverse and multicultural.Canada has a highly d… The world's richest countries by GNI include Qatar, Singapore, and Luxembourg, while the top countries by GDP are the US and China. For more on private wealth, see the 15 wealthiest cities as well the countries that are gaining (or losing) wealth at the fastest rates. By Victoria Simpson on October 3 2020 in World Facts. The country faced a recession in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic however, and its GDP declined a whopping 41.2% compared with performance in the previous three months. the United States and Sweden). Here’s a look at the full ranking of all product keywords, by monthly search volume: Two different Apple products make the top 10—Airpods and iPad.

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