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born again kdrama

He was the reason everyone was reincarnated. However, if he had the courage to speak to Haeun, instead of hiding and stalking in the corner, his soul would've been saved. I believe in second chances and I think that's what the original writer intended. I think what people are criticizing is not what it actually worth so, i don't think this drama is bad.

JB confess thats true that he tried to kill SH..just because SH made SB sad..thats creepy. Without the same traumas that GJC had, he stalked people, he tried to kill people- for ridiculous, selfish reasons such as 'he was blocking my way to your heart!'. Hwaiting!!! They've loved each other in their past life too and swore to love each other in all their lives. Yesterday night kiss is not valid for fans..haha I am imaginating something more sexy.. Lol CJB, was also on his way to becoming another poster child. Though I hate to admit that I kinda annoyed at female lead as I believe there’s no such people like that exist in the world. We will see what happen till the end.. Ryu Samuël May 27 2020 5:07 pm Or he planned suicide for both of them? Which one is more open for shooting? a bit confuse when kong chi cheol did not die.the storyline from early episode is confusing, im trying to understand... however episode 11 & 12 is getting exciting than any other episode but why the rating is too low. I loved all both male characters and would have been okay with the FL being with either of them. But it seems that JKY is having difficulty conveying his role, I can't feel the difference between JB and JGC ..

I think SB is going to be angry at SH for shooting JB because she trust that JB is a good person....she’s going to feel sorry for him plus she’s the only one who understand JB. ??? Meanwhile, Ji Cheol is desperate and obsessed towards Ha Eun to keep her alive. Their chemistry in Kill It were very good. Its good that it has explain everything.

It's up to viewers' imaginations. Soohyuk-fan May 13 2020 2:22 am OMG OMG I’m so happy for my boy Soo hyuk even tho it’s really sad what happened to them in the past life. If only he gave evidence to SB or SH or the police, working with the police no one would be hurt. I can accept if its only Sabin fall for Jeongbeom.. For those who said Jeongbeom is creepy.. Yupp.. he is at first but with Sabin help he become more n more normal human being and he NEVER kill anyone in his life while GJC does... Do you realise he's now smile a lot,no more stalking, no more obsesseed whatsoever.. Its good for him. His plan is always inaccurate, like what he did when he planned to kill SH, now he is making wrong calculations again! His charactet fans are more than any fans who like the character of Hunbin or JB.

And just like Gong Ji Cheol, right after he held/touched Ha Eun/Sa Bin's hand, he could feel her pain. To Licorice: I really love this atmosphere where fans can discuss around the details instead of bashing the actors or the actress. and I thought the proposal thing was cute, but that is a matter of opinion. If you're watching this kind of drama be prepared to witness one of the worst ending you have never seen. The portrayal of love in this drama are much stronger than any cheesy romance out there. Can anyone tell me what bgm when ji cheol write on the wall in episode 3-4 ? is it Jongbeom natural character to stalking the girl he like ? i really like this drama honestly..everytime each episode ends,it really makes me sad,sad for JB actually..i wish for a happy ending for his character..hes not that bad for me..i think he was reborn becoz there are still more mysteries and questions about his life in the past that needs to be answered..i hope this story will sides him. Please, dear writer and producer don't make all of them suffer and have a very sad and tragic ending again.


At first I thought Ha-Eun didn’t died I thought she was hyemi but then the guy from the bookstore said she died.. because the way she talked about gong ji Chul saying he’s not psychopath.. sound just like Haeun. So the statement that JB rescued her all the time was simply wrong and they added only 2 pseudo rescues to make the audience believe that, knowing that many are so biased towards JKY that they would gladly forget everything which had happened before. If you have watched a lot of kdrama (precisely the drama where the female actor kisses both male actors), you have to understand. Was his dad a hallucination or real? Wow so many things frustruate me about this drama. naf Jun 08 2020 8:49 pm In the snow scene where he stabs him and all dies there is just cliche. @Kokoroheart in my opinion SB's heart is for SH.. eventhough SH become HB.. like what you said HB is nice.. And I think SB will be more love him because he is nice.. than SH.. SB has ever said that if SH will be more kind or friendly it will better for him...

for this adorable actress.. Nana Mar 30 2020 1:35 am

Excited to watch the episode tonight! How can he allow people think he killed people... there are sometimes we don’t bother defending ourselves because of little misunderstandings but killing someone is not a joke.
The 2 male leads are indeed making this drama one-of-a-kind. JKY is hansome but he looks too young for her partner. i don’t get why some people are hating on kiyong’s character his past must be a dark one but his present might not be. Yh I remember he didn’t kill Hyun bin because of the sudden plot twist several episodes later but which sane person continuously stabs someone??? No wonder the story is soooooooo messssssyy without red line. Can't wait to see what happens next. I think its the huge problem with korean artist's right? It’s not nice assuming the writer has higher up connection.

[CDATA[ I think the reason why the jang ki yong character did not clear up all the misunderstanding because deep down inside him, he realize that he had the tendency to murder too, and he want to get caught for it because he felt he didn’t deserved to be live with this kind of feelings. This is not just a straight forward drama with logical explanation. The writer really put the ending that's not so obvious.. He really had a strong will. While everyone was reading Holy Bible in jail, JiCheol wrote HaEun’s words of wisdom on the jail wall. Waiting for the update news. Enen she said she wants to make sure his heart beating because her feeling or just because she got heart transplant.. You will be happy in the end. Soo Hyuk's character will be put into waste if he ended like his 1988 self, Hyeong Bin. Soleil Jun 09 2020 6:02 pm Also, what did I say, she's his daughter, blood always tells!

Mikasa Jun 06 2020 8:50 pm That will be the end that they should achieve now that they have been born again, the things they couldnt do in their past life because things went too fast, they'll complete them now. Gong Jichol paid for his crime. Hwaiting!!

L May 12 2020 6:06 am

The epilogue at the end shows that Ji Chul lost his memory after the operation and it went back in the Old Future Bookstore. Please, consider reading a true classic, Wuthering Heights--the reputation, skill and beauty to which this drama does horrible injustice.
His character is so sad.. His small happiness.. So everyone, after watching all the episodes and analyzing everything, I would like to share my thoughts regarding JB and SH in the previous episode.

These two charater comeback from their past..and they also fallen for Sabin? I love Lee Soo Hyuk. It is all to SH.

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