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eufy doorbell power requirements

(so… you get some variation / flux in power delivery). Removed the cover of the chime and there it was, a quick disconnect of the breaker and I was able to replace it…. by trade) so we have a meeting of the minds to figure out what this could possibly be. Door bell transformers are frequently in a Utility room in our area…typically mounted on a electrical box. Or is the AC adapter alone sufficient to supply power to the eufy video doorbell? Out of curiosity, have you guys been able to determine whether your cameras actually need the number of watts / VA these transformers are capable of putting out? Doorbell Transformer Compatible with Ring Video Doorbell Pro 16v 30va Hardwired... adapter: Thanks, but I’m not asking about the voltage. (whether the doorbell thinks its getting low voltage, amperage, or whatever it might be). Can Anker support confirm they also recommend the same 24v 40va transformer for their battery doorbell as well? In fact, I’m guessing this is significant generally: i.e., the video doorbell itself doesn’t require a whole lot of power, it’s the old-school bell with its ancient electromechanical parts that’s the power hog. Eufy should warn all new video doorbell customers that they will need to upgrade their transformer for their new video bell to work properly. This way, you don’t cause a fire. If you have a closet near the entrance pop your head in and look upwards. That wired doorBell and transformer would not have worked for my situation ,I installed a 2K battery add on doorbell, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, eufy video doorbell transformer specs for solo installation, So I’ll try installing it and returning the old battery doorbell if there’s any improvements. 20 AWG will support 3 amps. But note: the new transformer you buy should meet the requirements for the Doorbell or you will have problems. You can wire it directly to a transformer. I agree, I have an adapter wired to my wireless doorbell camera version so it's connected at all times and if power goes off the ups power supply will keep the router connected and HomeBase 2. I tried both actually. I have an electrical engineer in the family (and i’m in I.T. And for that price, you also get enough local storage for 30 days of event-triggered video, motion and human detection, and the ability to respond in real-time without a cloud subscription. After having purchased the Eufy Video Doorbell and installing it myself, I’m disappointed that I never knew one needed to deal with upgrading the “doorbell transformer”, an obscure, hidden, and old piece of electrical equipment that could be buried anywhere inside my house: an attic, behind a garage door, under the floor joists, within a wall? Lastly, looking around for answers on the internet, the ring doorbell 2 (a competing doorbell) state they require a 25ohm 50watt resistor in order to prevent fires if you are looking to use a 24v transformer (or AC adapter) wiring it up like this. if you either do not plan on using pre-existing wiring, or do not have a mechanical doorbell chime). The plug-in AC adapters I’m referring to are often used with Ring video doorbells - it seems unlikely Eufy’s doorbell requires 4x that amount of power. I’m getting the same result. Anker/Eufy support got back to me, and said that they recommend the 24v 40va transformer here: But… they didnt answer the question about needing a resistor 25ohm 50watt resistor or not (like Ring highly recommends to avoid fires). So my next step is to a call an electrician, who will probably charge me a few hundred dollars to find and replace my transformer so that my video doorbell can work correctly. It’s 16V @ 800mA = 12.8VA. A plug-in transformer delivering more than 1 amp would be a whole different animal - something like a laptop transformer. - posting links to amazon for things that may work, with users reporting its unsafe etc. Nope! I've had it a few months now. But given the other posts on other forum posts (and also Mike’s post below) complaining about poor battery management and performance out of their battery doorbell, i doubt it. Based on what anker support posted above with a recommendation of 24v 40va transformers, this translates to an amperage rating of 1.67 amps, which seems to support my findings with the battery doorbell… i currently use a 24v ac adapter with a max output of 800ma (0.8 amps) and the thing does not provide enough power to the doorbell to effectively run — it slowly drains the battery to zero. Does @AnkerSupport have any comments about this either? The largest problem is the lack of transparency or accessibility we have with the logs in the unit. If so, do ineed te same als the wired doorbell? I doubt that there’s a wall wart that does 25V at 1.5A, but you could try a laptop-style power supply, or a regulated (ugly perforated metal box) style one. Have not charged mine now in 3 months with this. I’m glad to see that the transformer you linked to works fine with the wired doorbell because, I bought the exact same one when I bought the wired doorbell for my daughter, she hasn’t looked it up just yet but it’s good to know for sure that transformer works. They seemed to have over promised and under delivered with many of their products.

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