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foreign credential recognition program canada

I really appreciate the work of my counsellor and FCR program. When you get the loan, theoretically, you think job is done. Can’t thank them enough for the wonderful job they do. Thank you PICS FCR and staff for your time, advice and dedication to help me out for my upgradation. I have worked with several institutions for learning and employment, and FCR is one of the best among the service agencies. After my application, the process was completed within couple of weeks then I got my loan. You reviewed my resume [...] and provided me with great feedback on the mock interview. My experience with FCR programme has been exceptionally good . Big Thank you". PICS FCR services are available online to serve you to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), looking to get back into your profession in Canada. Are there alternative careers for which I am qualified? I got an appointment with ‘Meena Verma ‘ right away and she  worked so efficiently to get my  loan approved for the exams in order to practice dentistry in Canada . That was a great experience for me. This sector is for any Internationally Trained Professional in the health care such as Dentist, Physiotherapist, Nurses etc. Although it was distressing to fell behind all my brilliant professional history, but to support my family financially I employed as a driver in my entry career to Canadian job market. PICs also guided me in editing my resume according to Canadian Job Market and are still keeping in touch with me every time to give me any important information that will be helpful for me as a new immigrant in Canada. I applied for FCR loan program and my loan became ready in less than one week. We just landed in Vancouver on 12th Sept. 2019 and were trying to get settled down with new culture and community. The counsellors at PICS are really dedicated to their job and are available for their client to help them take wise decisions. I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that PICS and the FCR Loan Program has given me. My real life in Canada ”, “You had helped me a lot, your kindness, your support and your unique way to see the things helped me to change my life.”. When I met the FCR counsellor in Vancouver, I had no idea about this program (FCR). Are you an internationally trained worker and looking to establish your career in Canada? The Foreign Credential Recognition Program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive experience as you are navigating the Canadian work landscape while benefiting from the combined services and experience from a coalition of organizations. Please stay safe and follow the advice of health officials. Meena helped me to have my confidence back and directed me to go for my genuine and beloved profession of psychiatry by registering for MCCQ exams and working hard for it. So would like to thank PICS for their efforts in helping new comers, and I recommend PICS-FCR program for those who seek a reliable source for financial support. I would also like to thank Vancity bank for approving loan for the fees of my course. Email:, 12725 80 Ave Surrey BC V3W 3A6 After getting the loan approval, I am financially more confident and able to concentrate on my studies than worrying about the fees. Currently, I am working in my field. You were so nice to help me and made the whole process so simple, that at no time I could feel that I am in foreign land. It was always my passion to become a teacher and now I think I am on the right track. PICS paid for my travel expenses and as a result of this program, I am working part-time as an assistant instructor at a community college. Such programs helped me to maintain my zeal and encouraged to work on my education and transferable skills amidst period like COVID19. Need to have your credentials from outside Canada assessed? I am quite impressed with all the guidance, suggestions and inputs received from you to shape my career. I immigrated to Canada with a 25 year experience of being a clinical psychiatrist and at the same time an associate professor of psychiatry. Thank you again for your commitment, counseling and putting me on the right track. Both are part of the PICS FCR Loans program, extremely bright and are seeking their first professional opportunity in Canada. If you are a newcomer and wish to access this job board, please book an appointment to see if you can become a client. I was well directed to join the EA course at Western Community College , Surrey. Email: So I started job search by applying online at many vacancies but finding a job in Canada is quite different than what I used to do in my home country India. I had given up to follow my dream of being a psychiatrist in Canada because of having no support by the time that I was informed about the “FCR Loan Program” by the compassionate and hardworking PICS office members. I am starting a Chat which is intended for Filipinos asking personal opinion/s about Canada migration. Call us to find out how we could help you. "I want to take this opportunity to thank my career counsellor Meena, and the FCR loan program for their amazing role in facilitating loans to new comers for continuing studies. The Foreign Credential Loan Program was designed to address the challenges newcomers face in accessing credential assessment, licensing and training by providing the following services: To find out more about how you can participate in the Foreign Recognition Credential Program contact: or (613) 233-0453 Ext. :). They provided me information through seminars, webinars and introducing us to people who shared similar career journeys. Want to obtain a license or a designation in your profession? Although the loan was not to what I applied, but the rate of interest and processing charges were very much minimal too.". Tel: 604-596-7722 Ext: 157 If you're a newcomer job seeker who'd like to register or a stakeholder who'd like to find out more, please connect with us via e-mail at Sincere thanks to the FCR program and my counsellor". The process was smooth, the staff were polite and kind and the Loan was approved in no time. Lakhwinder Singh, I have heard about Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) Society - Foreign Credential Recognition Program through the social media, Facebook. Even more, they believed in me, and started to help to paint my future in Canada. Foreign Credential Recognition Program Overview Are you an internationally trained worker and looking to establish your career in Canada? While exploring my other career options in architecture and planning industry to get started, I came across ASTTBC- Applied Science Technologists and Technician Certification body and by the support of my case manager at Work BC, I got in touch with Jacqueline, from ASTTBC and after that one meeting I was pretty confident to apply for my certification and the next step was to figure out the funds required for the same. Thank you FCR loan program. I contacted FCR ,from work BC, They were more than helpful. For group format, we're mostly using zoom and for one/one we're very open to whichever technology works for you. I immigrated to Canada from India as a skilled worker (professional, Doctor) and as you know, in Canada you have to write all the exams to get license for practicing medicine and the whole process is very expensive. All rights reserved. When I received a mail from Ms Raj Brar regarding FCR program, I at once applied for the loan and met her, the very next day and she directed me to you. While foreign qualification recognition is a consideration in the labour market, foreign credential recognition is important to Canada’s more than 200 accredited post-secondary institutions, which must assess foreign education or credentials to place immigrant students in their programs. I would like to thank you Meena for all the efforts you have made in order to facilitate obtaining my FCR loan. I am grateful for the guidance FCR counsellor has provided me about PIDP course. Being a newcomer in Canada, I wanted to further enhance my education as a leather technician and a career opportunity in it but finance was a major concern. Being a new immigrant to Canada with an education and work background in the health care industry in the Philippines, I know that I needed to upgrade my foreign credentials in order to legally practice my profession and to be recognized as a Nurse in BC. Funded by the Government of Canada, this program provides financial loans and career counselling for internationally trained individuals who are looking to return to their chosen profession. The program also offers multiple loan amount up to $15,000 depending on the process, to cover the cost of credentialing along with a flexible repayment schedule. The program also offers multiple loan amount up to $15,000 depending on the process, to cover the cost of credentialing along with a flexible repayment schedule. However, I had to go this hard way, I started already doing my exams, successfully finished two of them but It was hard for me to go to the last step without the FCR program. Shakun Singla has a background in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Design from UBC and Sherene Kurien has a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Management. Your questions and requests will be dealt with by our solicitous staff. She explained to me all about FCR program & how it will help me in getting back to my career field. I immigrated to Canada from India in December 2018, with a graduation degree in B.TECH as a leather technician. When I applied for the loan, in less than 24h, I got the approval and in less than 3 days, the money was already in my account, ready to go. Then, one of my family friends informed me about the FCR Loan Program in PICS Surrey and there I met FCR Career Counsellor Manmeet, who helped me in addressing all my concerns related to achieving my career goals. To overcome the “No” answer. FCR team has helped and supported me all to learning new things and challenging for new job. "My sincere thanks to PICS and my Counsellor whom I met @Vancouver Job Fair.

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