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hans scholl

His father, Robert Scholl was mayor of a middle-class town in northern Germany and was a major influence on all of his children’s political thoughts. It can be done only by the cooperation of many convinced, energetic people—people who are agreed as to the means they must use.
He was executed by the Nazi regime during World War II.

His father, Robert, participated in politics, being mayor of Ingershein near Crailsheim. In 1942, the White Rose took on a more active role after Hans' experience as a medic during Operation Barbarossa. Hans Fritz Scholl (22 September 1918 – 22 February 1943) was a founding member of the White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany. Their fourth leaflet concluded "We will not be silent. The area in front of the university's main building is named Geschwister-Scholl-Platz. Since 1980, they have annually awarded this prize to the book which "shows intellectual independence and supports civil freedom, moral, intellectual and aesthetic courage and that gives an important impulse to the present awareness of responsibility" ("das von geistiger Unabhängigkei]ugt und geeignet ist, bürgerliche Freiheit, moralischen, intellektuellen und ästhetischen Mut zu fördern und dem gegenwärtigen Verantwortungsbewusstsein wichtige Impulse zu geben"). Their main form of attack was with words. The family then moved and Robert served as the mayor of Forchtenberg am Kocher. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!" In the summer of 1940, Hans was part of the German Army invading France, where he served as a member of the medical corps. Copies of the leaflets were smuggled out of Germany, into Sweden, and finally made their way to England. Hans was the second of six children: Scholl was raised as a Lutheran, although he did at one point consider converting to Catholicism. Hans was caught, tried and executed.
The fact that five little kids, in the mouth of the wolf, where it really counted, had the tremendous courage to do what they did, is spectacular to me. They began publishing leaflets en masse, going into detail about the murderous mission of the SS. Just before he was executed Hans Scholl shouted out: Long live freedom! Instead, Sophie took all of the blame, claiming that it was she and Hans alone who instigated the leaflets and that Christoph should go free. Scholl and his group questioned the dictator Adolf Hitler and his brutal policies against the Jews. He later studied medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

In one leaflet, Fellow Fighters in the Resistance, they wrote: The name of Germany is dishonored for all time if German youth does not finally rise, take revenge, smash its tormentors. In the Thuringian town of Flurstedt, there is even a Geschwister-Scholl fountain. It was, however, not until the 1998 law to abolish Nazi judgments of injustice in the administration of criminal justice that the sentences against Hans Scholl and other members of the White Rose became void in Germany. In post-war Germany, Hans and Sophie Scholl are recognized as symbols of the Christian German resistance movement against the totalitarian Nazi regime. Many other groups used the White Rose leaflets in their resistance efforts.

They were found guilty and condemned to death on 22 February. These students decided to fight against racial discrimination in Germany. In 2003, a group of college students at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas started an organization named The White Rose Society dedicated to Holocaust remembrance and genocide awareness.

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