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Then they had a son and named him Saint. When Kim got pregnant with North she was diagnosed with preeclampsia, which can be life threatening for both mom and baby. Kim uses a LuMee phone case which literally has a light around it to create that perfect selfie lighting. When she and Kanye were redoing their house they decided to move the placement of the swimming pool because it wasn't "liveable." Maybe Kim just randomly did this without even thinking about the consequences or what would happen, so it's just one of those things where you act before you think. Recently, the reality star Snapchatted her pregnancy scare on an airplane, and naturally, the event led to a variety of reactions. You can definitely imagine taking a few tests if the idea of being pregnant is totally freaking you out, but after that you would probably just head to the doctor to confirm what you already knew to be true. Besides snap, apparently. In the first snap, the makeup artist in the background crosses in front of the light as the timer shifts from 70 to 69. It seems like whenever she posts a naked photo of herself people get really pissed, even though Kim is comfortable with doing it and her friends and family don't seem to mind either.

Kim just does everything on a larger scale that doesn't reflect real life for most of us.

King West perhaps. Can we not trust our celebrities, social media and—for crying out loud—E! And I just thought it was, like, funny, because I've been so private before and what do I really care if I was pregnant again?" Kim once actually visited the Snapchat headquarters and face swapped with the guy who invented face swap which is really quite something. We really shouldn't be surprised by anything that Kim Kardashian does at this point, but somehow she manages to outdo herself when she's sharing bits of her life no any form of social media. Recently.

Home U.K. So where is the line between what is actually scandalous behavior from her and what isn't?

No, it's not for protecting the phone. She had a 72 day marriage to a man with the same name as her mother. Or, uh, us. We did see that on an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim mentioned how Kanye is ready for number three, but then again he isn't the one carrying these babies. I mean we've seen her in probably the most vulnerable and scandalous state anyone can be in with her homemade video, which we still aren't sure was leaked by the Kardashian family or not. 10 Interesting Facts About Josh Radnor From How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family: 10 Scenes That Make Us Love Cam & Mitch’s Relationship, Miley Cyrus's 10 Most Relatable Instagrams, 5 YouTube Channels Sagittarius Will Love (& 5 They Will Hate), 5 YouTube Channels Virgo Will Love (5 They Will Hate), 10 Of The Most Expensive Red-Carpet Dresses Ever (& What They Cost), Everything The Cast Of New Girl Is Up To Today, 10 of Zooey Deschanel’s Most Adorable Instagrams. Recently, By Kate Jul 29, 2016. And why wouldn't you wonder what she uses, especially if you can get it and hope to look just as good. When it comes to what Kim shares, well, it's almost everything. The LED panels make for an extremely flattering photo, and there are three different light levels to choose from. It's for taking better selfies. You have to wonder how much of Kim's social media time is done by her... or done by her brand members... or if she even gets paid for what she posts and shares! It even seems unlikely that they were selling them at the airport because it's not really that kind of item.

So yeah, while people were making memes out of Kim's swollen pregnant feet she was actually battling a serious health issue that contributed to that. That definitely sounds like an interesting way to get the public more involved in their personal life. Personally, we don't really think that most people (make that all people...) carry around a pregnant test in their purse on a regular basis... let alone when traveling. On the one hand, she's sharing everything in her life, from beauty secrets to what she eats and how she works out to now her pregnancy tests. It's hard to imagine there being anything that Kim wouldn't be comfortable sharing at this point. Twitter down for many users, cites 'internal systems', Homeschool Programs Parents May Want To Know About, The Aftermath of Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Fight Is More Dramatic Than You'd Expect, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Sent Gifts to Nicki Minaj’s Newborn Son, Twitter down for many users due to change in internal systems, Kate Hudson's Lookalike Son Does a Hilarious Impersonation of Her, This blood test may predict which hospitalized COVID-19 patients are at risk for severe illness, GWM Announces First Launch Markets and More Safety Features for the New POER Pickup, The Food Network Isn't As Calm As It Seems To Be, Trump pressed by Savannah Guthrie on conspiracy retweets: 'You're not like someone's crazy uncle', Woman behind Trump — and her nod — catches a share of the attention, How to vote in 9 states with Oct. 16-19 registration deadlines, 30 Of The Most Creative Halloween Decoration Ideas, Trump pressed on QAnon by Savannah Guthrie, Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’ Is First Movie to Receive Post-Prod Subsidy in Malaysia, PHOTOS: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — A look back, 48 Movies So Disturbing People Left The Theater, America's top-selling vehicle, the Ford F-Series, is now the most stolen, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst Botches 'Most Midwestern Moment' Ever In TV Debate, ESPN Falcons reporter Vaughn McClure dies at 48, Magnificent Buildings From Around The World, 'I'm sick of influencers asking for free cake', Kim Kardashian shares all the terrifying details of the Paris robbery on 'KUWTK', A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimksnapchats), WATCH: Indulge your fear of heights with China's latest glass bridge. She didn't officially join Snapchat until March 2016: Again: Snapchat got rid of the timer in 2015. Or, uh, us. Or a conspiracy theory. So the question is then... why did Kim have one? The thing about Kim Kardashian is, it's really good that we have her in the pop culture world. We know this, because that snap is archived via the "@kimksnapchats" Instagram account: A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimksnapchats) on Sep 29, 2016 at 9:52am PDT. For the second snap, the TV show's footage begins as Kim lowers the phone past her nose with a timer of 64. Apparently the name Saint came from the fact that they considered him a huge blessing since her pregnancy was so challenging. We're using cookies to improve your experience. We really shouldn't be surprised by anything that Kim Kardashian does at this point, but somehow she manages to outdo herself when she's sharing bits of her life no any form of social media. Kim Kardashian news on Kanye West and kids North, Saint and Chicago, plus more on her sex tape and family Kris Jenner, Kylie, Kendall, Khloe and Kourtney. And yet, the modern era's foremost nude selfie artist was absent.

Maybe there isn't a good explanation. It causes high blood pressure as well as a lot of body swelling, neither of which sound fun. Let's think about this for a second. Once we realized the episode was presenting a snap as if you were watching it on your phone, things made slightly more sense—but still didn't add up. Or just...a very strange occurrence. Kim Kardashian snapped some nudes, because that's what Snapchat is for By Tricia Gilbride 2016-09-16 20:50:00 UTC At the dawn of Snapchat , the messaging app was widely considered a … If you look at any of Kim's selfies, you'll notice that she has a pretty serious looking phone case on her phone, and it's for a good reason. She also was the first to get a Marilyn Monroe filter that was created just for her. Yes, really. Public bathrooms can be pretty questionable in general, but airplane bathrooms are notoriously cramped and uncomfortable. And there's nothing you can do about it either way while you're flying anyway.

We reached out to Kim Kardashian's spokeswoman, who said, "According to her, it's not different." Maybe tap into the Kardashian thing and with something that starts with a "K"? But! Normalizing the concept of sharing things can open the door for you to do the same thing if you feel it's appropriate in your own life. Some people love a good Kim Kardashian nude... while other people, well, not so much. We really wonder what she did with all the extras? Although now that we think about it, would Kim ever use a public bathroom in an airport terminal? THEORY ONE: The Kardashians actually do have some secret, different version of the app that was still displaying the countdown clock in October 2016—or whenever they recorded these snaps. Kardashian-West, having just enjoyed a midnight tanning session following the Miami stop of Kanye West's Saint Pablo tour, showed it off. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. An app update was required to remove the countdown clock, and maybe Kim never took the plunge. The first test ended up being negative, so she didn't have to use the rest that day. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Doing so removes Snapchat's app interface, so the clock wouldn't display—which means that to record this footage from the supposed Kardashian Version™ of Snapchat, the crew, or whoever recorded it did so while playing it from Kim's "My Story" tab. You can hardly change a shirt in there, so peeing on a stick was probably a bit of a challenge for Kim. It's conspiracy time. In 2009, the Daily Mail reported that Kim was getting paid around $10,000 per tweet to discuss different products that she was endorsing, and seven years later you can only imagine how much money she now pulls in for doing the same. She once recorded a song called "Jam (Turn it Up)", endorsed toilet paper, She once said to W magazine “I’m so mature now. Sure she could be a crazy genius, but still that requires being a little crazy. Then again, some of them do this too! Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Or maybe she just really wouldn't care if the public found out first.

added the countdown clock in post-production under the mistaken impression that this is how Snapchat works. That's too normal for her.

The only question is who is paying Kim in this circumstance, the pregnancy test people, Snapchat, or all of the above?

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