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Emotions are complicated, especially when you try to communicate them to someone else. Here is a list of feelings, behaviors, situations and thoughts to help you get started. ― Albert Camus, “Happiness is not something ready made. Use the following list of words to find the most accurate representation of your feelings. ― Shannon L. Alder. Or, you know someone who is. Therefore, the main differences between emotions and feelings are: Duration. ― Marianne Moore, Complete Poems, “I had forgotten. It comes from your own actions.” Feel free to add words to this list. Disgust shadows desire. Dr. Paul Ekman has studied emotion, lie detection, micro-expressions, and feelings for many years.He came up with the 6 basic types of emotion. �h�*���b�ő�ϖ�`�~�ߊ�6G%C$;�S/ߌp��Vm���tL3��ab`Z��Y��œLwC!�� � You may have been misinformed, like many people when it comes to mental health and emotional intelligence. When you feel anger, you need to go deeper. “One of the most beneficial and valuable gifts we can give to ourselves in this life: is allowing ourselves to be surprised! In an attempt to resolve the resulting ter-minological confusion, 92 definitions and 9 skeptical statements were compiled from a variety o f DjǂH�� Rk�TL�ʜ R��d�^��\Q ����6m=ش=`�{�d �d��]`5�`�'��`�A`�$��}q@����L��u q�������� � Ub� Sometimes that beauty is too much for me to handle. “The old endless chain of love, tolerance, indifference, aversion and disgust” The rest are available for download, just enter your email here and get the lists for free. Meta-emotion refers to the emotional reactions to one's own emotions (second-order emotions about primary emotions). endstream endobj 15 0 obj <> endobj 16 0 obj <> endobj 17 0 obj <>stream 14 0 obj <> endobj The emotions we feel have a subjective, physiological, and expressive component – how we experience the emotion and how our body reacts to the emotion can influence the actions we take and the decisions we make to help us survive, avoid danger, form social connections, and thrive. When something is just too beautiful? 56 0 obj <>stream “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” 38 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<70A54790E1E8304BA2997B84BC1034DC>]/Index[14 43]/Info 13 0 R/Length 116/Prev 107655/Root 15 0 R/Size 57/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Now without further delay, here’s the list of feelings and emotions with definition arranged in the alphabetical order: List Of Emotions (All Emotions & Feelings List From A-Z) A. Abbiocco (Italian): The sleepy feeling you get after a big meal. % \*@��!�`8H�9��P�! ― Lao Tzu, “If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.” These 6 types of emotion will be used as categories to list all the other "feeling words" under as they relate. But don't worry, just below is a massive list of words to describe. Look below the anger, and you will find another emotion that is being expressed as anger. It is meant as a starting place to support anyone who wishes to engage in a process of deepening self‐discovery and to facilitate greater understanding and connection between people. endstream endobj 496 0 obj <>/Metadata 7 0 R/Pages 493 0 R/StructTreeRoot 14 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 497 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 612.0 792.0]/Type/Page>> endobj 498 0 obj <>stream �&$3�z��t�IqW�q��xt)�. ― Samuel Beckett, “I am hard to disgust, but a pretentious poet can do it” Order of appearance. ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” It is okay if life surprises you. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence -- a surprise.” Here are a few examples of emotional vocabulary words to help you identify feelings of sadness! endstream endobj startxref These 6 types of emotion will be used as categories to list all the other "feeling words" under as they relate. This free therapy resource can help clients articulate feelings during therapy sessions. You can grab the full list when you enter your email; the full 6 lists should be sent in the welcome email in your inbox. Title: Print Created Date: 549 0 obj <>stream %%EOF 0 ― C. JoyBell C. When feeling anxious, worrisome, or fearful, check out the following list of words to clear your thinking. %PDF-1.6 %���� They're not there to scare you. “Would you like to know your future? Six Basic Emotions. - good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy, - affected by unhappiness or grief; sorrowful or mournful, - to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness, - a strong feeling of displeasure and belligerence aroused by a wrong; wrath; ire, - a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid, - to offend the good taste, moral sense, etc., of; cause extreme dislike or revulsion in, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” 495 0 obj <> endobj Another life is never safely envied.” When you're feeling angry, take a step back from the situation and breathe slowly and deeply. Below you'll read about the 6 basic emotions for each list. When someone says something or writes something or plays something that moves you to the point of tears, maybe even changes you.” Joy, for example, is an emotion, while love is a feeling. ― C. JoyBell C. Grab the following emotional vocabulary words for describing 'surprise' listed below. (�I�k�,N׋[�bӱ0��.ٯ�y(9�+v� �-��"�y�!��,bF&���2�#c�"��cJRy´@�BZ���O�v�d�bB[���H&%��,�&�:1�-�rL&1%�^+ft�uj�`�F��%ӑ��4��hʹ314Q�Yhˌ��@n�A��x�������>��׻��熽�'(x?�l~������3�P�wqt�żDqh.e���'�X��U�|>^}�C����C�96T�������_�����X~�˻w���$c\�Q�]�ɡ2x{���B��0�i/��ع+>,�����^��Ͽe�_��7_ʩ_���˯U�M���z+���lVc*�&���(1s~z|�OW~�L�ߡw:d�4_y�?㟋�,��q��È9g����E|ث� ����9�U�����2-=��Y���v�^�P��Y݇vU��-OK~�.>��fZ2k~. Emotions and feelings can be hard to name while in the midst of actually feeling them. ― Dalai Lama XIV. I’ve skipped a few words that were the complete synonym of an emotion already covered in the list. The massive list of feeling words to expand your emotional vocabulary is actually divided into 6 lists. If you have difficulty naming your negative emotions, I am providing a list that may help you to identify them. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” Sometimes you can't tell how you feel, other times you aren't sure of the right word(s) to use. In this lesson, you will learn a huge list of emotions and feelings words with the picture that you can use to describe feelings and emotions in English. Listed below are a few of the happiness feeling words included in the free printables! Emotions are transient states that come and go relatively quickly. Feelings, on the other hand, are more stable affective states over time. and physical sensations. UNDERSTANDING YOUR EMOTIONS Positive and negative energy If your answer is yes, think again. *This list is based on current data. Do you know that feeling? ― Mahatma Gandhi, “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. ― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief. 0 Click here to subscribe to Rose-Minded for the full list of feeling words and emotion labels! ― Robert Wells. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. Anger is a very common negative emotion. Children’s List of Feeling Words: GLAD SAD MAD AFRAID OTHER content bugged uncomfortable shy glad blah annoyed startled curious pleased blue irritated uneasy sassy playful gloomy mean tense weird cheerful rotten crabby anxious confused giddy sad cranky worried moody ― Mark Oliver Everett, Things The Grandchildren Should Know. This is the sixth and final list of emotional vocabulary words for 'disgust'. h�bbd```b``z"���& �� He came up with the 6 basic types of emotion. h��WYk#9�+���duK�0b��� ��?tl�Ӌ�m�6��[%9>sxf���*������R�9��'�%H��#h �;��"7�a This list is neither exhaustive nor definitive. h�b```f``�d`e`�`d@ A�(���>@�n�8oo�CI���� ��FbP����ϰO0�mOC��GAƿ,�8]�^�,t}�(���1�ř[�+/Ki�hfa` �������!|Fa� qP ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. emotion is the appraisal of the signifi cance of stimuli for the individual. As you identify the emotions you feel, you'll come to understand yourself and regulate your emotions better. It's a good thing!” Maybe you have been labeling a feeling one way, just to find out after reading this list that you could be mistaken. Will your world turn upside-down? To get the whole list, subscribe to Rose-Minded. List Of Negative Emotions . ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration, “Life is so full of unpredictable beauty and strange surprises. Dr. Paul Ekman has studied emotion, lie detection, micro-expressions, and feelings for many years. 523 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<90D5F27AB52A49398BE930B3230AE274>]/Index[495 55]/Info 494 0 R/Length 132/Prev 188249/Root 496 0 R/Size 550/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream %%EOF Feelings and Moods: • Afraid • Aggravated • Angry • Anxious • Ashamed • Assertive • Burdened • Brave • Calm • Cautious • Challenged • Cheerful • Cherished endstream endobj startxref ― Jonathan Safran Foer, “Imagine smiling after a slap in the face. We'll help you put five major emotions into words and … Whether or not cognition is necessary to emotion remains a moot point. h�bbd```b``� "@$�ɺ,� &eA$�0�V_&��"��2��&0{>��j��& 2Rl~(�������Alv)� H��V��t�\�JF���~| 0 Ac An example would be being angry (the primary emotion) h޴Xmo۶�+���"��* Click here to sign up and receive your free lists of emotional vocabulary words, #emotionalvocabulary #feelingwords #freeprintable #therapyresources #freedownload #emotionregulation, © 2017 - 2020 by Rose-Minded | | California. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.” The massive list of feeling words and emotion descriptors is free to download! ― Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness, “The best fighter is never angry.” Brené is doing new research on emotional literacy right now so expect an updated list this year. h�b``�b``�� $�_a@�@���р,&��Oش�xU[52�w A majorproblem in the field of emotion has been the wide variety of definitions that have been proposed. The free printables are available to you when you subscribe to Rose-Minded- no spam, no charges, no surprises! ]5)��`4(�:0���|a�jR��,z�-Y���b���y�� -�g��gմ��^O�y8�]I�Ů"sbW�%�kɈ�M���꺮��o������cúe>���vu���9�R��ʻ����V�Ϻ�N;��zG�������d�s�eNjav�O.Y�i�W��j�[-�{�i�p�鞠] �'�|������9;�Q�H���$�A�����c��pG “Don't be afraid of your fears. “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”

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