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munich agreement

He has overturned the balance of power in Europe. Chamberlain rejected these views because they conflicted with his own view that open threats of force would hasten the outbreak of war. The Czechoslovak government, realizing the hopelessness of fighting the Nazis alone, reluctantly capitulated (September 30) and agreed to abide by the agreement. I remember when we were discussing the Godesberg ultimatum that I said that if I were a party to persuading, or even to suggesting to, the Czechoslovak Government that they should accept that ultimatum, I should never be able to hold up my head again. In a letter intercepted by the British intelligence services Rothermere congratulated Hitler "on his walk into Prague" and urged him to invade Romania. (84), After the signing of the Munich Agreement, One of Hitler's senior aides, Captain Fritz Wiedemann, sent a letter to Lord Rothermere stating: "You know that the Führer greatly appreciates the work the princess did to straighten relations between our countries... it was her groundwork which made the Munich agreement possible." That must be the finest thing a head of state can give to himself and to his people. According to French author Jean-Paul Sartre he would then have told his aide, Alexis Léger: "Ah, les cons!" He said afterwards that when he heard Hitler tell the conference at Munich (if such it could be called) that he proposed to occupy the Sudeten lands, including the Czech fortifications at once, 'we all knew what that meant'. At every stage of the proceedings there have been time limits laid down by the owner and ruler of armed force. However, despite all the arguments in favour of taking a strong stand now, which would almost certainly lead to war, I was so impressed by the fearful responsibility of incurring a war that might possibly be avoided, that I thought it worth while to postpone it in the very faint hope that some internal event might bring about the fall of the Nazi regime. We shall not surrender, we shall hold the land of our fathers." We certainly shouldn't catch up the Germans in rearmament. He stands for national division against national unity. Prague, a sorrowing Prague, yesterday had its first day of German rule - a day in which the Czechs learned of the details of their subjection to Germany, and in which the Germans began their measures against the Jews and against those people who have "opened their mouths too wide." Hitler told him "that demands should be made by the Sudeten German Party which are unacceptable to the Czech government." On October 5, Beneš resigned as President of Czechoslovakia, realising that the fall of Czechoslovakia was inevitable. (122), Winston Churchill was a strong supporter of the idea of a National Government and had a meeting with the Conservative Chief Whip, David Margesson, and told him of his "strong desire" to enter the Government and was willing to work closely with Chamberlain. [9] General Ludwig Beck, chief of the German general staff, noted that Hitler's change of heart in favour of quick action was due to Czechoslovak defences still being improvised, which would cease to be the case 2–3 years later, and British rearmament not coming into effect until 1941/42. We stood alone." He was always concerned that the government would achieve "peace with dishonour", now he feared "war with dishonour". Without them its independence became more nominal than real. I have given up associations in that work with my colleagues with whom I have maintained for many years the most harmonious relations, not only as colleagues but as friends. (4), However, some members of his cabinet found him a difficult man. Before the conflict it had been part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Churchill praised Chamberlain for his efforts: "If I do not begin this afternoon by paying the usual, and indeed almost invariable, tributes to the Prime Minister for his handling of this crisis, it is certainly not from any lack of personal regard. Lord Halifax recommended that the British government should apply pressure on President Eduard Beneš of Czechoslovakia to give up the Sudetenland, with its largely German-speaking population, to Germany. With difficulty his car moved forward from Whitehall to No. Subscribe to our Spartacus Newsletter and keep up to date with the latest articles. Oceans of ink will flow hereafter in criticism of your action." Here are 20 fast facts about the powerhouse of Europe. The Führerbau, in which the Agreement was signed, is today a school, the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München. The Czechoslovakian people must have felt that complete Nazi occupation was only days away, and they would have been right. Think you know Germany? A Mass Observation poll found that 44 per cent of those questioned expressed themselves to be "indignant" at Chamberlain's policy, while only 18 per cent were supportive. This led to rumours of Hitler preparing to use the incident as a pretext for invasion and there were reports of German troops assembling near the Czech border. Politically Czechoslovakia is rendered helpless, with all that that means to the balance of forces in Eastern Europe, and Hitler will be able to advance again, when he chooses, with greatly increased power. Mr. Churchill then said that the Munich Agreement had been destroyed by the Germans. (100), Lord Halifax believed Chamberlain had made a "bad speech" in the Munich Agreement debate and told him afterwards about his dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, I am not quite clear why there was so much danger of Great Britain or France being involved in a war with Germany at this juncture if, in fact, they were ready all along to sacrifice Czechoslovakia. The Czechs must be destroyed.

(80), The Daily Express reported: "Be glad in your hearts. Meanwhile during the German invasion of Czech territories, a pro-Hitler Catholic-fascist government splits off the remaining territories of Czechoslovakia and declares the Slovak Republic, an Axis client state.
Sudetenland in the 30s. Czechoslovakia was informed by Britain and France that it could either resist Nazi Germany alone or submit to the prescribed annexations.

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