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She used to make homemade applesauce and fried up breakfast sausage to go with. Luisa Nicholson, hmm! Email at or stop by my site and drop a comment. I made them, and I liked them quite a bit, although, to be dead honest, I found them a little bland. Thanks Molly! These are going into rotation! YUMMMMO! a couple of years ago through her online shop. It was made by Lotta Jansdotter, and I bought it (on sale! those are lovely pancakes, and my morning are a rush as well I actually like them better that way, it gets the day started. Now if only there weren't still too many work days to get through before Saturday…. When the underside is nicely browned and the top looks set around the  edges, flip the pancakes. I think I might make up a big batch and keep it in the fridge for quick breakfasts!!! Delicious with maple syrup. The oatmeal pancakes and chocolate mousse treats look delicious. Weird! I am new to your site. I must have begged them for the recipe and lost it. THANKS for that recipe. Yum and Yum. (We've only been married three and a half years.). They involve cold cereal, a glass of water, and hours that pass quickly, unceremoniously, while I am busy doing whatever I happen to be doing. It’s worth a try! Their not realizing that there is no room in a tiny fridge for more.chrisq. and the new header as well;) greetings from freezing Poland.. bitter orange ; strip of orange and chocolate. about celeriac. Next to chocolate, it's my favorite food (like your failed drink, I've tried mixing the two with undesirable results). We've gotten out of the pancake habit in our house but this looks like a good excuse to bring it back . . i love this! My husband and I loved them and I know they will become a new staple in our house. I found this recipe, tweaked it by adding rice flour instead of all purpose (and made sure my oats were certified gluten free). ]…what a shot! Something you eat around 11? I just made these pancakes last night for Fat Tuesday! With blueberries and turkey sausage. Your dog is so squeezable. Since I don't have time to make them, do you think it will be a problem if it stayed in the fridge another night? , You have been passed the “Honest Scrap” Award. A couple of weeks ago, while researching rhubarb crumble recipes for the Crisps and Crumbles episode of Spilled Milk (still going strong, 52 weeks a year! Only I knew they were getting real nutrition. They will keep you full until lunch, and in addition to being more nutritious, they reheat much better than regular pancakes too They are delicious with maple syrup. ©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. Thank you for reminding me, from one not-so-good-at-relaxing-mornings type to another. Keep those decadent delicious recipes coming! I live in the South, so I have access to all kinds of buttermilk! To make sure it’s hot enough, wet your fingers under the tap and sprinkle a few droplets of water onto the pan. I just wanted to say that I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for the recipe! They are fantastic (as are the rest of the recipes in that book!). I have a feeling that very soon we will be add these to our repetoire!x. I too am not very good at weekend mornings – I always feel like I should be getting going with all the things I want to get done. But to be perfectly honest, I don't know a lot about the properties of different gluten-free flours, so I'm not sure which one to steer you toward. Forgot about them until I saw your recipe. I know that this is just how I am, but I don’t like it. . These are exactly what weekend mornings call for. The batter of these pancakes reminded me of a soft oatmeal cookie, so when I made them this morning I added a tsp of cinnamon and pinch of nutmeg along with vanilla extract. It’s just that I’ve never felt a real need to make them, and I don’t have the patience to temper chocolate. These guys need to be started the night before and I'm not always that on the ball. A perfect excuse to break out the bottle of Grade A maple syrup I've been hoarding for well over six months. I love your recipe and its appropriateness to Burns Night, being particularly Scottish in origin. Okay, totally trying these this weekend. However, you made them seem so wonderful that I gave them another try. O my, I was just linked through to this site from Chicajo (80 breakfasts) and I love your writing style!! I love a leisurely weekend breakfast. They fry up to a handsome shade of gold, and fresh out of the pan, their outer edges have a thin, lacy crunch that dissipates in a matter of minutes, so get on it. I am still chuckling over the first one. This is given from one blogger to ten chosen for there honesty,inspiration, passion and soul. oh dear. SO Delicious. I have always wished I could be one of those people that enjoyed lounging on Sundays. She might have some advice for you. These sound fantastic.Definitely making time for these one weekend morning. I think it would be very nice to add chopped nuts to the batter as well. You know when you just feel it with a recipe? Good pancakes might break your cold cereal habit. I was a kid, you know? Super yummy….will be added to my permanent recipe book. But I'll have to prep these Friday night. I'm very bad at mornings in general, but today I got up and made myself breakfast. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pancake recipe! It's such a great read. We went to visit his grandparents in Florida over New Year’s, and we were very tired and verging on sick, but instead of reading books, lying on the beach, or whatever one does on vacation in Florida, we wound up kayaking in the Everglades.

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