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problem solving scenarios at work

He often asks to borrow Don’sequipment when Don isn’t using it. Anne was an excellent subordinate but is hated by Linda’s boss who is the person who fired Anne. Though this is a generalized question, it may help to think about a specific situation where you encountered a dissatisfied customer and were able to address their concerns. Your whole team is stuck within a slowly shrinking vessel. What should Mel do? Give them 5 – 10 minutes to do so. Describe a time when you faced an unexpected challenge at work. Problem Solving Team Scenarios Here are a list of suggested workplace scenarios. Ernest wants to have drinks or coffee with the friend and ask advice but is not sure how to go about this. What you need: 1 long ball of yarn, strong tape, scissors. What should Miguel do? Example: “When I encounter an angry or unhappy customer, I start by approaching the situation with a calm and helpful demeanor. When you are faced with a problem, what do you do? Juanita tells Elsa this is time theft and drinking on the job is a serious infraction of company rules. Smarketing However, Tom does have the authority to make exceptions to the rule. Example: “When I was working as an office manager, the CEO of our company told me that employee productivity was down and that I needed to come up with a solution. Introducing some problem solving scenarios at work can be a great way to improve the critical thinking abilities of your employees. What you need: A rope, ball of yarn, or similarly thick string. Once I had a list of 5 or so options, I would narrow it down to the top three with a top recommendation. August 30, 2019 The man starts using abusive language. Visible Culture, My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Literary Elements, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Psychology Lesson, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Literary Elements, Pirates of the Caribbean – Fox Character Analysis Diverging Radial, Real Women Have Curves: Cultural Comparison, Sleeping Beauty vs. Maleficent – Literary Elements, The Devil Wears Prada – Literary Elements, The Flintstones vs. The truck brushes against a parked car and leaves a very small scratch. What should Kevin do? However, John thinks the workplace is for work and not a place to vent. Position your entire team within the circle. Ernest also thinks such a meeting might be “rubbing salt into the wound” of his friend. However, your company is in San Diego and wants to take a detour to Disney Land in California as part of the company trip. Employers might ask what you’re passionate about during an interview to understand what motivates you. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Management does not know Spanish and this creates communication problems. 1) A company that manufactures furniture increasingly finds that their workforce speaks Spanish fluently but not English. What should Sarah do? A puzzle can be as simple as cutting out some letters and having players unscramble them into a certain word or phrase! On the other hand, Daniel’s US bosses are far away and also want results in China. I recommended that the CEO implement a new project management system, and productivity increased by 10% after implementation.”. Let’s take a look at some quick, ice-breaking problem solving exercises you can implement in the workplace! Helps with: Communication skills, collaboration. What should Linda do? Identify the Situation. h�b```"�b� ̀ �,@Q���Sw�M �-� ��W����0 S��]ρ�:k�E���f0x ��=����c(cC����b���"{�20�M����jx.��Y b[���3̹%�?-�43�k -��ݣ ����=%����e.���0p/=e\` o�6_ Subscribe to get our most-popular proposal eBook and more top sales content to help you close deals faster. © 2020 PandaDoc Inc. All rights reserved. It is a wonderful resource for discussion and exploring conflict styles and self reflection. Example: “When I have a list of pros and cons to help me make a decision, I start by considering whether the cons will hinder me from achieving my desired outcome or cause unnecessary burden somewhere else. If the job you are applying for requires you to think critically or solve problems, you may be asked some analytical interview questions. Introducing some problem solving scenarios at work can be a great way to improve the critical thinking abilities of your employees. The son has brought his own paper and needs 100 copies for his class project. Elisa suspects that Sally will be insulted if she goes with the second option. Kevin is tempted to tell his boss that maybe this is something better said woman to woman. )K��\��bǢ�����o�S��W��훯�?������p����M����$�*�,����[���7�'ZsFL��ˈEq“���0����~:=a�^0�[Zإ��E�/!���q���b�ӓ���'o> &O5�\��x/`��"�:eq �H��,ŀ�61ܲ�OO��~���Bή�rV�w�|S��/��ްo�-�p�o���כ���ӓ�@��ӓ�çL%��O�{-�?�|P;����v#����_�n�,�Hq՛�i��7:U�Ͻ�8 ����պ�8�0|�7�d����;�ef�B�ӁB �`64��G)� Cc`t�J��g����g!�{���V��d���3�_m�`8A0�� ~�]�i.6�s={d�hV4L�!O��چ�B��^�c^�O^3 �?I$nX?�a�k42��K��ھ�������U�����q�J;�"��X�W�x��٪qk�:[``>�_����P�9|�g-�sU��� This could be a real-world problem your team is actually facing, or it could be a made-up scenario. Two of Robert’s coworkers like to make jokes about Hispanics apparently unaware that he is Hispanic. 30) Richard has heard some outrageous rumors about his work behavior. The Filipinas are fluent in English but choose to talk in Tagalog which Sonya does not understand. What should Reggie do? The principal doesn’t know if he has changed any grades or not but doubts he has done anything. You remember your coworker threatening to slash the tires of anyone who messed with him but this was months ago and before the coworker was fired. Smarketing To work effectively as a team, you need to learn how to overcome obstacles your team encounters. It also helps them get a better idea about you personally to see if you’re a good fit for the company. The Leg Challenge is a short and simple problem solving scenario to introduce to your office! Does global economic bifurcation benefit Russia? When preparing for your interview, consider a few different examples of when you successfully solved a problem, including what the problem was, what steps you took to solve the problem and the outcome: Tip: Employers typically ask this question to understand what your problem-solving process looks like. PROBLEM SOLVING SCENARIOS Don works in a large warehouse and he always wears his safety equipment.. His co-worker, Mike, always forgets his safety equipment. The boss treats Keith well in all other ways. Tip: For this question, you'll want to choose a specific example from your work history to demonstrate your ability to be flexible while solving problems. Alex Lamachenka Create a large web between two stationary objects (walls, trees, desks, etc.). There will likely be a number of solutions proposed by different members of the team, and each will need to be evaluated and implemented by the whole group. This is a simple activity you can do with any team. Your manager wants to buy new software to help increase the team's productivity, and she asks for your recommendation. One very effective method for teaching this skill is through problem solving activities and games. In this exercise, teams must create their own, brand new, problem-solving activity. This game encourages participants to think about the problem-solving process. #'P�MZ0��'���d1�v��w �P8Q��+��!E]s�$���A��Hm�+���_Q��8�(EQ}C3���?���#���h�����g��RT�l�\���� �M�*?l�F��_[��R���|g,�#�b���?ni�b�Lx- ���-�c��g�Ҏ�q¤E�C@Ԏ4�y&�N�.���`�ս�*�1�M� �U�gh|�y⏀b���N}v�m��tc�`A�o�Y"[2VW������`md��4��=��i^�|�{�S�6�E�_Ӯ�� 2֢�W�:x�C�կiR�{����q�'���{�{�pl3�Z%���Ⱥ˴`�W�w�.c��! With this information, I would start to research productivity software options that meet the minimum requirements within budget. View this document on Scribd. What should Sonya do? Jane has considered being direct and just letting the senior manager know that she is not interested. A scavenger hunt is very flexible, can be as long, short, easy, or difficult as you’d like! If you choose to do a problem solving activity with your team, take the time after you finish the activity to dissect the game and understand what happened, why it matters, and how to apply those skills in a real-world scenario. Have your team stand in a small circle (form multiple circles if you’re a larger group). 12) Ernest has absorbed the workload of a fellow worker that was a friend but laid off. Instruct your team to untangle themselves without releasing hands at any point. What should Robert do? Lori does think family is important and that giving a copy of the interview is not all that big a deal. What did you do? Problem-solving interview questions are questions that employers ask related to the candidate's ability to gather data, analyze a problem, weigh the pros and cons and reach a logical decision. Once the game begins, the team captain is tasked with leading their blindfolded teammates to retrieve puzzle pieces hidden around the space using only their voice. Looking for a great problem solving activity for your office? 15) James is a computer teacher, and the principal asked him to help enter some data into the school computer. No one should step outside the circle. 20) John is a paralegal in a law firm. Todd’s friend is a lawyer and says he should sue the company and get a substantial settlement. Listed below are 20 interactive exercises that will help you through each step of the problem solving … Elisa does not care that much about politics all that much but finds her co-workers political views to be little extreme. Saul does like to talk about his family and his personal life. Joseph looks at his pay check stub and realizes there is too much overtime. 378 0 obj <>stream Tip: Having to solve a problem without having all the necessary information is a common scenario you will experience in any business setting. John’s supervisor, Yolanda, is female and Hispanic. 11) Larry works in a company that is going out of business. Write them all down. The coworker is not a very good dresser and Ben could easily make fun of the way the coworker dresses. What should Michael do? Second Challenge and Intelligence Amplification (IA). Thomas is trying to sell your product to a company that could be a major buyer. Example: your company is trying to beat a competitor to secure a contract with a high-paying client, but the client is leaning towards your competitors. John does not have a girlfriend. Place some cones down about 15 yards apart, Have both teams start on the same side with each team’s arms interlocked, Teams will run from one set of cones to the other, however, each time a team reaches a set of cones, they must keep one fewer leg on the ground to run to the next set of cones. Oh no! Joseph is struggling to make ends meet. While there is no way to say for sure which questions an interviewer will ask, familiarizing yourself with business problem-solving questions will help you prepare for this portion of the interview. The Thai secretary thinks the Post-Its are a bad idea since this might elicit more negative comments but also lead to senior workers losing face. Chris knows all about this Chinese tactic but is tempted to just be honest and tell them he knows what they are doing and he is sick of Chinese mind games and they should just make a final offer one way or another. The company is struggling to contain costs so any solution should be cost effective. Workers generally make positive comments but refuse to make critical comments about any proposals put forth by Steve. Jane has been promoted on a regular basis and is making a large salary for her age. What should Richard do? �&q��]�!~+�j3�MhF��NSC&M�n�nb����^t��5���{��e One worker missed one day due to a death in the family. They begin with 12 legs, but then must use 11 legs after reaching the first set of cones), The first team to successfully make it between the two sets of cones with only 25% of their total legs wins! Helps with: Collaboration, creative thinking. Saul is also getting more and more irritated with John since John stares at the computer and tunes Saul out when he talks which Saul finds very rude. You have a short time to change their minds before they make the official decision.

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