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pros and cons of living in australia vs uk

He was stabilising but I had no idea if I should go back to Australia or not. Having said that, I've always been glad my family moved us to Australia. This may mean that the attraction of the closeness of Europe may not play soon. (obviously not Sydney but then that would be like comparing prices with London). With that in mind, I decided to investigate which country has the better cost of living by comparing the cost of living in Australia and the UK. Forget the ocean, the swimming and the cool beaches. I moved to Australia in 1987, got married and had three children. I have never looked back. The article was written ok but as for the replies you are all comparing apples with oranges. I wish I had the money to take my parents back to Australia. I moved to London in 2004 and had a great job, did lots of travel and had an amazing life-changing experience. Yes, we miss family and friends but we have made new friends and the internet keeps you close to those who matter. If an Australian invites you over for a barbecue, don’t expect shrimp. Where motoring in concerned the Aussies have it good. @Patricia: Patricia, thanks for stopping by and sharing. Likely also some other little ancillary charges from the agent. Think about traditional game day food and it’s unlikely that a steak-filled pie will be the first thing on your mind. I decided to and was only back a week when he'd taken another bad turn so I returned to the UK. (Also for our own health, I have found I have bout out of date or expired items from the local shop more then once and head office has actually been investigating before they position someone but that’s another story). National Trust memberships – This ones not so bad but again, you’re paying an extra fee to pay less overall. Anyway, I have no plans on returning to Australia as quite simply, its been on a roller coaster ride downhill with immigration in overload since 2007 (about the time Rudd became PM) and the cost of living. Read about our approach to external linking. I believe it’s wrong to live with the worry about the next debt payment, about losing your house, your job or whether you’d have dignity in old age. I do get annoyed with the high cost of living compared to the UK, plus I miss decent chocolate. Loved Australia but price-wise, we did find it cheaper in UK. We left behind a terraced house in Yorkshire for a house on five acres of land in the country about half an hour from Perth. It’s in the range of ~$300AUD per year. Waiting times for hospital appointments could be avoided if you paid privately the way you said you did in Oz, or at least pay for the first consultation with the specialist, that is what takes a lot of the time. But, the best thing about going to the larger supermarkets. Also, there are a few places where Brits can go and lead a normal life without having to go into the bother of learning the language. So what is fairy bread? I actually ended up buying my first home in Bristol, something I would have found difficult to do in Newcastle Australia without a partner or second income. We were also retired and British state pensions are frozen if you retire in Australia. No fruit and veg is imported due to the risk of infecting local produce, meaning that when outbreaks do happen, the price of fruit can be pushed up to truly extortionate prices – I was once charged $8 (£4.50) for a banana. If you can’t control yourself on eBay, send someone else on your behalf. Copyright © 2011-2020 - The Money Principle - Designed by Limes Media - All rights reserved. But if you’re looking for a flat in the centre of Melbourne, for example, expect to pay at least half a million dollars (£285,000). Be prepared to hear this phrase. (Here is how to keep the costs of buying lower in the UK.). | Real Life Strategies for Building Wealth, Cost of living comparison Australia vs UK: owning and renting a home, Table 1: Price comparison of buying or renting a property in Australia and the UK, Verdict: when it comes to property, UK rules, Cost of living comparison Australia vs UK: groceries and eating out, Table 2: Price comparison of groceries and eating out in Australia and the UK, Cost of living comparison Australia vs UK: motoring, Verdict: motoring is much cheaper in Australia, Cost of living comparison Australia vs UK: commuting, Verdict: a tie between Australia and the UK, Here is the winning point: comparison of salaries in Australia and the UK. All be it not in London, obviously. You pay a huge amount for a gym and then you have to fork out 60 quid just to park there. The health system turned out to be a nightmare of rules and regulations, many flouted by health professionals there - "It's what you do mate". As much as I love Australia and the outdoor life it provides, the UK for me wins hands down on living a better life financially – oh, and I love the long daylight hours for about 5 months of the year where I can get a game of golf in after work – cant do that in Aus. I’m finding it claustrophobic with the add on costs of everything here and I earn a good wage. And Australians might not be scared, but the reality is what it is! Train travel is a joke in the UK too – Train from High Wycombe to London Daypass at around 25 quid with the comparable distances on train in Australia for about a fiver. It is probably an evolution of Australians being Australians. When people compare house prices across the two countries, it seems that parallels are frequently drawn between a house reasonably close to a city centre somewhere in the UK, compared to one in the veritable sticks out in Australia. If I had not been made redundant due to the restructure of the company that employed me, I would have stayed. Yes there are a lot of "pommy" jokes made, and I have to constantly check my vocabulary, but the friends I have made here have been exceptionally welcoming. Sure, you can handle the great scenery and famous faces, but can you handle the not-so-great features of Newcastle? Grocery prices are out of control, even with Aldi on the block and the housing buy/rent prices were triple compared to 2010. The only thing you need to be aware of is the Medicare Levy Surcharge – an additional tax paid by high income earners (singles earning over $90,000 and couples over $180,000) introduced to encourage those that can afford it to take out private insurance. Yes, there are sea water pools. Train travel is dearer here but at least you don’t have to wait a whole day for a train to another city. And that isn't really going to happen, is it? No way we're going back to gloom (both economical and weather-wise) of England. People often say they could never move to Australia because of all the spiders. An unspoiled natural environment is one of best attractions of Australia. You could see consultant privately within few days and then you revert to nhs and he will refer onto next stage – it saves weeks of waiting. in Oz it’s $13 just for a jar of nescafe (just a few examples). When I first arrived in the UK in 2010, I lived in Bath for a few months, then Bristol – probably a good equivalent to Newcastle in Australia. The TV is appalling, with overtly sexualised and/or violent programmes and ads shown at family viewing hours. I pay $1 a litre for milk, bread starts at $1 and my fruit and veg is all Australian grown unless otherwise signed. Born and educated in North Sydney with a move to London in 2010, doing the same job with the same pay ($70k Aus & £35k UK) I find that I have on average, £230 ($460) per month more in savings in the UK compared to Australia. I think the only real way to compare the cost of living between the UK and Australia is with the “how much do I have left over each pay period” method. Pay a fortune to get into London and you need to go to the loo, you have to pay – it’s never ending. Try buying 500g of cherry tomatoes for $2 in Australia. The Australian Museum has even gone so far as to make a website dedicated to them. We have started a family and our children will be growing up in a beautiful, safe country full of opportunities. There are pros and cons to both countries, but for me it's a no-brainer. It doesn’t compare. Slip on a shirt, Slop on the 50+ sunscreen and Slap on a hat. We couldn't stomach it after a year of unkept promises from the employer so returned to work in the good old NHS. I never really had a sense of belonging and I certainly came to the realisation that after losing my father, nothing can replace your loved ones. I’m not sure what will happen to the state pension in the UK and the council houses may be in extremely high demand. Aside from the obvious words we've already covered (esky, thongs and singlets, etc.) But that’s because of the location I live in Australia, the occupation I do and the hobbies I enjoy. This will probably be perceived as "whinging pom" by any Aussies as they can't understand why anybody wouldn't want to be them but it simply isn't for everyone. Join The Money Principle community today and share the money adventure. Apparently a party without fairy bread isn’t a party. We came from Italy lovely place to raise children and the education is really good, as I realize when my kids started school here in Birmingham they comes home without any assignment from sch. What a real Aussie barbie means is a large beef sausage slung in a slice of white bread with a trail of ketchup squeezed over the top, accompanied by a 'tinny' (beer) taken from an 'esky' (ice box).

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