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spiritual meaning of dreams

We are here to help and encourage you! It has also been said that human beings dream together, and that we co-create physically manifest reality together. Riding in a If You must be prepared for this testimony. Sometimes dreams are your inner minds way of working through how you feel about certain issues in your life, and sometimes they are much much more, leaving you feeling as if you were there, as if you traveled through time or dimensions, as if they were more real than this reality. The symbol of being engaged can easily invite demons to introduce lust or defilement of the spirit. It shows that witchcraft is manipulating you seriously. If you found out that you have toothache both in the dream and reality, it shows your situation requires urgent spiritual help. If it is true that this dream type is connected to your partner, maid, it is possible he or she might be a candidate of witchcraft. 25. In some cases, a broom dream can be a warning sign that there is demonic presence in that house. If you dream of driving your car , it signify that you are on a very important mission that is likely to announce you mightily. In the period of every person’s life it may chance to happen that one’s heart and mind are free and clear of false suppositions. Maybe you are not marriage, and you keep seeing yourself being in a wedding, this is a marital challenge. The spiritual meaning and interpretation of light dreams explains why these dreams are so powerful. What Does CROCODILE Mean In The Dream?, If you are presently facing difficulty, dreaming about a crocodile could be a warning. Ask God to deliver you from satanic covenant. Determine to embark on prayer and fasting for  12 days form 6am to 6pm. Kindly read Matthew 18:18. Others describe the hands of a divine presence reaching out for them. While drinking water in the dream is spiritually bad as it portend sickness and sluggishness. Pray for at least one hour asking for His will to come to pass. I receive images of just how something is going to play out, and in just about 3 weeks time it indeed unfolds just as in my dream. Dream About Candle, Candle in a dream is a symbol of light (Mtt 5:15, Ps 18:28). I was at school and I saw my xboyfriend/best bud. Spiritual Meaning Of ANGEL, The visit of angel in the spirit it indicates that your relationship with God is cordial or intact and it also means your prayers have been answered by God. However, if you frequently see yourself in a funeral service then it means the enemy is challenging you with the spirit of death and hell. Dreams can serve many purposes. If you felt so happy after rain fall upon you then it symbolizes spiritual purification and wholeness. We may not have been able to prevent his stroke from happening, but we were able to prevent his death. which choices will be best for you will show up in ways that will make It could be an indication of making troubles. (Gen. 3:8-11), Snakes, serpents - represents the Enemy; demons; a bad omen; danger. 18. she's an agency coordinator for our workers. When it comes to storing blessings in mantle, clothing material cannot be put aside. Police arrest symbolizes restriction, blockage and satanic bondage. It can also bring rejection and setbacks to you. Can God change your life? surrender to God; a vision of Jesus naked or disrobing is indicative of God seeking To receive flower from opposite sex is an indication of relationship, marital love. Take 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm with the use of the highest currency of your country. Dream of giving birth to a baby boy I dreamt a couple nights ago that I was pregnant. Use the money to pray. On the other hand, if you see dead fish in your dream, means failure in career, sickness, and problem in the near future. 38. Both dreams about lights and a near-death experience can be frightening or overwhelming because they touch a person at the most personal and spiritual level. 31. Thank you so much! Spiritual Meaning Of Broom Dream, If you sweep with a broom in a dream, it means you are trying to eliminate curses, evil deposits, bad luck etc programmed in that house. If a dream shows you something that makes you – Abdu’l-Baha, from a talk compiled by Fadil-i-Mazindarani. Violet light addresses that you are ready for new aspirations and goals. 33. ive been having the same dream for a few weeks now and i has got me thinking. Dreams of losing your bag, it means you will run into troubles. You may need to need to bind and cast out the spirit of losses and pride. Spiritual Meaning Of Driving A Car In Dream, Do you have a car in the real life? If you refuse to eat the food then consider yourself a victorious child of God as it shows the Holy Spirit has saved you from danger, struggle and troubles prepared for you by your enemies. Dreams about light have two major characteristics — being overwhelming or being missed. If you encounter two animals being chained down, kindly go for deliverance with immediate effect. Please make your financial commitment through  this account details; Contact Evangelist Joshua (Prayer Line) on Telegram group:+2348099828623. holding you what does this mean, Dead co-workers father and son Two dead co-workers from the past, one the father and one the son. Spiritual Meaning Of Bad Dream, Bags in the dream is a symbol of responsibilities and dignity. So I have nightmares all the time what does that mean, That is the philosophy the great masters of India teach— that this world, this creation, is the dream of God. If your dream involve losing keys, it shows that you have lost your lifetime opportunities. Your message was successfully sent to 20. The binding forces of witchcraft connecting you to the ancestry bondage of your father’s house is broken, in the name of Jesus. BEGGING In The Dream, In 1 John 3:17, the Bible was trying to explain the reasons we should love our neighbours. Maybe you saw yourself wetting the bed, it indicates shame, and disgrace in marriage and career. As an example, in my last semester of graduate school I had a dream urging me to move to western Massachusetts.

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