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transgenic animals and their applications pdf

Transgenic animals, i.e., engineered to carry genes from other species, have the potential to improve human welfare,Although there are many ethical issues surrounding transgenesis, this presentation focuses on its applications in agriculture, medicine, and industry. Methods for Producing Transgenic Animals: The main principle in the production of transgenic animals is the introduction of a foreign gene or genes into an animal (the inserted genes are called transgenes).The foreign genes must be transmitted through the germ line, so that every cell, including germ cells, of the animal contains the same modified genetic material 18. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> <> stream 3 0 obj A transgenic animal has been genetically engineered to incorporate a foreign gene. 2 0 obj endobj Then common misconceptions will be addressed, and the ethics of transgenic animal creation will be discussed. %���� In the interest of educating the public about transgenic animals and determining their effect on society, the methods of creating transgenic animals is discussed. endobj �vɕ�•�wՒ �HYV ��j�5����A^����Š�Ð��Dˤ7���8�B���?^�Gwz��`�MFԗt Kf#�⍄Ӯ���x��I��h�+o�v��pѮ�?�Z�v\�X1L.С�4�S �:m�UG0����F���Z#�~��I�|&\鶀�^�&��k�6��� �0��f��մ�D�H���8X�QA��2#p�)X�x���6L�.�Hİ���)�f7����z�Y��hh�����[���:4�{BV*k#e�4�F��)T"�0>���m�2� ����"�b�u���E�W��:J�Y�����AE���"�acNe��. <> This project details transgenic animal technology, applications, ethics and legalities, as an example of technology’s impact on society. transgenic animals and their application in medicine * Bagle TR 1 , Kunkulol RR 2 , Baig MS 3 , More SY 4 . endobj 4 0 obj <> TRANSGENIC ANIMALS AND THEIR APPLICATION IN MEDICINE Author(s):Bagle TR, Kunkulol RR, Baig MS and More SY. Transgenic animals can be prepared by keeping in view the economically signifi­cant traits, such as … Transgenic plants and their applications The genetic manipulation of plant protoplasts by direct gene transfer has clearly come of age after a long gestation period. 1 0 obj x��ێ���݀�A�$`1�^�V�I� �z��\��6]�Gr�����\)QR8+Ϝ9������w?�$VM���/�߉U��U�g�,V��d�zڿ������߿����������ݏ���S�IfUn����@���cP��du�V��Y##�%ZE�2u�?ɕs�ȼ��zUßV��O�P��t�����_��"9�v��NE��cw�w^�UrJ�*�!�����@S� ���w�����4�2�L2� %PDF-1.5 The major types of transgenic animals are listed, with examples of each. Transgenic animals are animals that are genetically altered to have traits that mimic symptoms of specific human pathologies. Transgenic animals can be used as disease models, transpharmers, xenotransplanters, food sources, and other biological models.

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