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Olivier Richters is a Dutch Bodybuilder, known by his moniker "The Dutch Giant". Now, the man with no hope of getting into calisthenics’ career, Olivier has become the CEO of his own meat company in the Netherlands. A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on May 18, 2018 at 9:58am PDT. Known for his imposing height of 218 cm and physique, he was the cover model of the November 2018 Netherlands' edition of Men's Health,[1] and subject of a documentary by the magazine. He has made known his future aspirations, which consist of one day becoming a successful actor, and entering the professional wrestling industry. He consistently tries out new training methods, and this ensures he enjoys his training and continues to hit his goals. 10% lower. 30 kg 66 lbs. taller. Olivier Richters is a Dutch-born actor, professional bodybuilder and fitness model. In terms of his bodybuilding career, he still has some way to go, however has proven he is more capable of putting any set-backs aside, to add some serious mass to his towering frame. I’ve finally…” Standing at a huge 7’2″, he towers above most, including the likes of big name bodybuilders Jay Cutler and Martyn Ford. He was really good to his fans. ... Can you imagine how skinny he must have been at that height? We’ll be glad to notify you once we come up with genuine data. If you're mad about something he wrote, be sure that any angry tweets you send note the similarity between his last name and a popular insult, as no one has ever done that before. After being unhappy with his body, Richters wished to add some mass to his frame. Olivier Richters is a bodybuilder from Netherland, who is also an accomplished actor as well as a model. I started training legs due to a knee injury with basketball when I weighted 80kg (2008) . I read everything, but I can't message every one back :). [2] He was interviewed on Good Morning Britain in April 2019[3] in which his upcoming acting roles were discussed, and he revealed as his inspiration Richard Kiel, the actor of equal height who had portrayed the henchman Jaws in two James Bond films. I'm blessed with my awesome team who handle everything like a boss when I'm filming . Out of everyone on our list, Olivier Richters is far and away the tallest bodybuilder around. Having fun on stage promoting @qnt.india at @ihff_olympia_india Mumbai. Who is Olivier Richters? To continue adding lean mass, Olivier consumes around 6200 calories as part of his daily diet, including the following foods as staples in his diet: Olivier takes inspiration from big name bodybuilders such as Dennis Wolf and Rich Piana, the latter of which Olivier spoke highly of in the wake of his death. Later in April 2019, Olivier Richters was interviewed by Good Morning Britain where he talked about the roles in 2020 movie Black Widow. Working 10 hours a day on, Muscle Meat kept growing and growing, late night gym trainings and standing up in the middle of the night for an extra meal, my food intake has never been this much, got a girlfriend, bought a house, bought a car and so much more happened. #bodypower #themountain #thedutchgiant #bodybuilding #gameofthrones @hbo @gameofthrones @iamlenaheadey, A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on May 18, 2018 at 9:58am PDT. World strongest @thorbjornsson (the mountain) and I raised the average height on BodyPower (2.06m /6.9ft and 2.18m /7.2ft) . A post shared by Olivier Richters (@thedutchgiant) on Dec 31, 2016 at 2:15pm PST. Olivier Richters is a Dutch-born actor, professional bodybuilder and fitness model. Scans showed that my hearts' size was decreased with 20% in and explained why I was always out of breath. Olivier Richters 2016 Height 230 cm 7'7" 12 cm 5 inches. Olivier Richters, Actor: Black Widow. Also, a surprising thing is his heart was 20% small, turned at a weird angle which was revealed after checking the x-ray report. In 2013 I felt unstoppable with a heart that got 20% more power/volume. He has claimed to stand tall at 218cm and on his resume listed his Weight as. He amassed most of his fortune from his career as a body-builder. It helped a lot in his career while he helps others. One of the interesting facts about Olivier is that he only weighed 197 lbs. Gradually, Richter started gaining weight and he set out weight goals, which only became possible because of his determination, hard work, discipline, balanced nutrition, and diet. We’ve learned that he met the love of his life back in 2014. The positivity that people gave me motivated me a lot to continue this sport. Olivier Richters (born 5 September 1989) is a Dutch bodybuilder, actor, model, and the founder and CEO of Muscle Meat. He has shown what he is capable of after reaching his weight goals in the past, and has come a long way since his birth abnormality surgery. Olivier Richters Biography – Age, Height, Diet, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wiki, Who is Harry Collett? Six months of recovery and significant weight loss surely harmed his journey of body-building. With his sights set on Hollywood, Olivier continues to capture the attention of industry pros and public alike.

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